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Legislative Priorities

The Legislative Priorities of the Glendora Chamber of Commerce

The Legislative Priorities of the Glendora Chamber of Commerce set forth the basic policies endorsed by the Chamber on broad legislative issues affecting business, including government, transportation, and economic development. It is intended to address State and Federal Legislation as it impacts us, not local or regional issues which are addressed individually and more immediately by our Committees.

We welcome participation by all Chamber Members in the Legislative Affairs Committee. Please call the Glendora Chamber of Commerce at (626) 963-4128 for more information.


Support educational initiatives that improve student achievement resulting in a highly qualified workforce who will strengthen the economy.

  • Support efforts to adequately fund education.
  • Support efforts to increase resources dedicated to special education.
  • Support policies that provide balanced educational programs including academic subjects, fine arts, physical education and foreign languages.
  • Support efforts that promote cross-cultural education and produce citizens capable of working in a global economy.
  • Oppose unfunded mandates.

Support efforts to develop and sustain safe, reliable and efficient cost effective sources of energy in order to maintain a viable business environment and robust economy in the San Gabriel Valley.

  • Encourage business education programs to promote energy conservation and energy efficient based programs that will benefit local businesses.

Support the functions of government to enhance the economic base of private enterprise and Glendora businesses.

  • Oppose unfunded government and safety mandates.
  • Support policies that promote efficiency in government.
  • Support permit streamlining and other methods of cutting business red tape.
  • Support government entrepreneurial efforts.
  • Support efforts to reduce business taxes.
  • When appropriate, oppose California business legislation that provides for more stringent standards or regulations than those of the federal government.
Health Care

Preserve human dignity and access to basic services as a right of all citizens.

  • Support legislation that requires at least a portion of the payment for health services be provided by the recipient.
  • Support voluntary employer funded health coverage.
  • Support development of comprehensive health care facilities in the Los Angeles County area with local health care input.
  • Support measures that promote public health.
Infrastructure and Environment

Support the maintenance and required improvement of the infrastructure to support the needs of the existing population and growth, which stimulates the economy.

  • Encourage market-based incentive for recycling, which in turn preserves our natural resources.
  • Encourage South Coast Air Quality Management District, California Environmental Quality
  • Act (CEQA) and other similar regulatory agencies to streamline permitting that will aid in the conservation of essential resources.
  • Support aggressive measures to combat graffiti and other indications of blight.
Labor/Workforce Development

Foster legislation that will allow business and industry flexibility to safely and efficiently manage its employees and develop programs that enhance productivity.

  • Support continued reform of workers’ compensation laws to reduce the cost of the system and to increase benefits to legitimate employee claims.
  • Support efforts to maintain employers authority in labor issues.
  • Support the educational process that will provide a qualified and able workforce.

Support efforts to encourage new businesses and retain existing businesses by reforming the burdensome regulatory process.

  • Oppose mandates to further regulate, tax, or impose undue burdens of reporting and complying on small businesses.
  • Oppose legislation to impose standards upon businesses based on untried and experimental solutions.
  • Assist development of market-based incentives in lieu of government-mandated policies.
    Support reasonable standards for business signage and promotion regulations.

Support transportation and transit improvements that reduce congestion and, enhance the mobility of goods, if such projects ensure for home rule for local governments and are sensitive to local community concerns.

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