Even if you’re only commuting to the office a couple of times a week, gas prices are still ridiculously high. Our 31-Day Pass offers excellent value — especially at the current sale price of 50% off, but maybe with new hybrid schedules, you don’t need a 31-Day Pass. That’s why we’ve introduced the brand new 10-Trip Pass — allowing you and your part-time in-office team members more flexible savings! 
The pass activates the first time it’s tapped on the fare box and remains active until the next time it’s needed. Every other day? Once a week? Not a problem because the pass is good for ten individual rides and includes free transfers to other Foothill Transit lines! Two options are available:

Commuter Express 10-trip pass costs $22 during the summer sale ($44 normally, an $11 savings) and is valid on all lines. Note: Free transfers can only be used on Local service.
Local 10-trip pass costs $7 for adults (normally $14), $4 for students (normally $8), and $3 for seniors and persons with disabilities (normally $6) during the summer sale and is valid on local and Silver Streak lines.

Visit fares and passes for more information and as always, you can email me directly at lapodaca@foothilltransit.org.