The California Chamber of Commerce has labeled a last-minute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction proposal a job killer.

The bill, AB 2133 (Quirk; D-Hayward), was gutted and amended on Tuesday, 8 days before the end of the legislative session, to require statewide greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced to at least 55% below the 1990 level by December 31, 2030, which is a dramatic increase from the State’s current goal of 40%.

A coalition of more than 110 organizations, including business, agriculture, industry groups, and local chambers of commerce, joined the CalChamber in opposing AB 2133.

In a statement released yesterday, CalChamber President and CEO Jennifer Barrera reiterated the CalChamber’s support of climate change laws and regulations that are “cost-effective, technology-neutral and promote the use of market-based strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

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